Windows Vs Linux Website Hosting!!

Windows versus Linux Website Hosting

Windows versus Linux Website Hosting!!

When you search for website hosting service for your website, first thing you consider the hosting type. If you are going to develop your website with PHP, Ruby on Rails and My SQL you will search for Linux, and if your website is using ASP.NET, MS SQL, MS Access you will search for Windows. But the question is which one is better for your website. Both OS is good as both are for different things; it is up to you to choose. I am just going to discuss which OS you can choose from.

Linux: It is most popular among all another operating system on the web, mostly because it is the cheapest option available. Even if it is cheap but not compromising the quality, it is best in quality hosting and cost efficient hosting.

Macintosh: It is very rarely used Operating System for website hosting. If you want Macintosh you have to look after your own server and maintenance. It is hard to get shared Macintosh hosting service.

UNIX: It is similar to Linux operating system, but it is rare as it is costlier than Linux and used on specific hardware. UNIX is less used in website hosting business.

Windows: Windows is among popular website hosting operating systems. It is just under Linux OS. Windows is popular among webmasters as it supports both windows, Linux features as well. You can use MS SQL and My SQL both with Windows Website Hosting.

Linux and Windows are two most common operating system used by top web hosting company. There are few differences between Linux and Windows hosting services, first of them how you access your web server. Both offer FTP access to your files, but only Linux offers telnet and ssh access. It’s also possible with windows OS but very few web hosts offer it.

Windows and Linux servers both serve HTML and JavaScript. A Windows server uses .htm and Linux server uses .html extension pages, even there is no difference in functionality.

PHP, ASP, and ColdFusion are few server-side scripts used on the website for flexibility. PHP is found on Linux servers and ASP is used on a Windows server, ColdFusion can be used on both servers.

If your site is designed to work dynamically, you will need a database. If you are using Linux OS you must use My SQL and for Windows MS SQL. My SQL can run on both OS but MS SQL only runs on Windows.

There is no big difference between Windows and Linux hosting functionality. But if you are looking for a cheaper option you must go for Linux Website Hosting service as Linux is an open source, it’s cheaper than Windows.

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