When you should opt for a Dedicated Server?

Many individual and business are going with Dedicated Server without knowing the fact if they really need a dedicated server for their website or not. It is a very expensive web hosting option and most sophisticate as well. But before going for a dedicated server it is important to evaluate your website business, purpose and website needs, just to know if your decision to opt for a dedicated server is right or wrong. If you really need a dedicated server you must go for it, if you don’t why choose so expensive option?
Most website goes online with a shared hosting plan, which means you are using a server shared by many other website owners like you. The biggest benefit of shared hosting is, it comes cheapest, not rob your pocket. It is for website like business profile websites, fun website, family websites and any other individual websites or blog. Most website in shared hosting is simple static websites, so if you own a website so simple and easy to work, you must not go for dedicated option. If your website getting lots of traffic like more than 1000 visitors it means you must look for other services like Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated server. But all depends on your budget as well. A virtual dedicated server is also shared services but in this service you will get a large section of the server and share the server with fewer users, so it is better then shared with more security and capability.
Dedicated comes after virtual dedicated servers, it is the most sophisticate hosting option and most expensive as well, but if your website needs a dedicated server you must go for it as soon as possible. A dedicated server means your own entire server for you website. It is expensive because your server cost not been shared by any other website, you are running a single server only for your website, and no other website will be hosted at that server. The price may be high but the benefits potential is huge for your website and website performance. You will see the effect of it after you finished migration of your website from a shared hosting to Dedicated Server. It will enhance your website loading speed, will get lots of web space, great uptime literally 100% uptime and last but not the least security of your data and website. But the big question is still there, how you will make decision to go for a Dedicated Server.
The most important concern of a web based business is uptime. Basically for every business with large customer base and partner based globally or nationally being online is important. A dedicated server can offer around 99.99% uptime where as a shared server serve you around 96-99%. Even this 1-4% down time can hit on your website performance and web business. If you are concerned about this missing time you must go for a dedicated server to enhance your website uptime and fast functionality. A dedicated server will give you 100% capability and will get your site up and running with a single second down time. This may give your business maximum exposure and visibility and a better change to get success.
If you are possessing lots of order with credit or debit card online transfers, security must be one of the major issues with your business. You must take steps to make every thing safe for your website users, it is important to be in business with reputation and good face value of your web business. If your website data security is a major concern for you and your web business you must move up with a Dedicated Server as soon as possible.
At last you must evaluate the entire enhancement with dedicated server and the cost you have to pay for it, to take the right decision. If you think the money worth the enhanced server and capability of speed, uptime and security you must go for a dedicated server right today.

If you have any further question you may leave a comment, I will be more than happy to help you.

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