What is web hosting?

For a website to be available around the clock seven days a week must be hosted on a server that is permanently connected to the Internet. It is possible, technically speaking, you can host your website yourself, provided you have an upward flow faster bandwidth. Because visitors to a website usually download information, this means that the server sends mainly websites or load.

For this reason, and to provide visitors with a high-quality service, it is recommended to hire the services of a host, that is, a company dedicated to hosting websites on dedicated servers that are always connected to the Internet with a width of the High-speed band.

Usually, these are the types of accommodation offered:

Professional hosting
Shared Hosting: This is a server that hosts a large number of websites.
Dedicated Hosting refers to cases where a client hires a full server.
Placement refers to cases where a customer rents a housing compartment can house their servers.

The Internet access providers generally offer the option plans website hosting with limited storage space. While there are many sites that offer free services, must be analyzed in detail the terms of service.

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