What Web Hosting Uptime means to you?

When you start searching for a company to host your site, not the amount of space and bandwidth that is offered, a company will usually promote their web hosting uptime. Most web hosting companies offer an uptime guarantee to promote how well their service is.

Web hosting uptime is a measure of the time a computer server was run, the longest of the best web hosting service uptime (usually). Uptime is important not only for web hosting companies but to any person or company that has a website because if a website is down it could harm the reputation of a company’s staff, as well as the reputation of the web hosting uptime warranty. Web Hosting companies strive for an uptime of 99.9%, which means there would be less than 2 minutes of downtime per day.

Factors that affect a web hosting uptime are inevitable at some point, but many companies struggle to avoid downtime. Downtime can be classified in three ways: the weather downtime that occurs when a server is updated or upgraded, semi-planned downtime that is caused when software companies are a security breach and a patch must be put in practice, and the worst is the unplanned downtime that may be caused by an overloaded server, a software malfunction or malicious software and hardware.
Uptime guarantees made by web hosting companies are based out of past information. Web hosting uptime can be monitored and maintained some ways. There are services that provide 24/7 monitoring. Large web hosting companies have their own departments that monitor your servers. A loss of uptime web hosting can be avoided by having a redundant server to fall back on in case the primary server goes down. For a single server planned change this method can be practical for a large company, but the costs involved for an additional server in a small business or provide it to multiple servers in larger companies may be impractical. Unplanned downtime also would keep this method works well.

Some subtleties that many sites offer is a message of downtime friendly that still allows the user to know that the site is temporarily down. Major web hosting companies are able to provide a quicker return to normal to keep your uptime guarantee because they have staff readily available to respond quickly to an error of downtime. Small businesses may face a greater downtime.

For consumers, research uptime web hosting can prevent a package being purchased from a host that has a lot of downtimes. There are sites that monitor uptime web hosting company and provide free reviews of the company for review. Other places to look for information in forums that are either provided by the hosting company or on forums review web hosting.

If your site has downtime can contact the customer service department for tech support or see if your site will be restored. Understand that no hosting company can have a 100% uptime. If your site has too much downtime switching to a different company with a bigger and better web hosting uptime may be your only option.

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