Web Hosting in India

Web Hosting in India

Just because a web hosting provider have Indian name or a website with Indian language and looks or an office in India, doesn’t meant that it has a web server in India.

Web Hosting in India is a general term used for any web hosting service which uses a Server which is physically located in India. It cut the latency and loads a website faster in India.

Most companies which are working in Indian market have their server hosted in USA or other part of the world, as in India it is expensive and also there is less infrastructure developed.

But the scenario in India is changing and a lot of big companies started to have data centers in India, Google, AWS and DigitalOcean are few of the global players, which have true Indian hosting services.

There are few old Indian hosting companies are also out there, Net Craft India, Net4, go4hosting which are giving Indian server since their inception. Web Werks, Ctrls, Netmagic, Tulip, TATA, Reliance are also started their data centers.

Digital India movement of Narendra Modi has boosted the internet penetration in India, now the average internet speed in above 6.5 Mbps and almost all Indian have access to internet.

The evolution of Indian firms like Flipkart, Shopclue, Amazon India etc are making history every days. The conception of India is changing, which makes big names interested in India.

Thousands of new websites are coming online every days, and markets forecasts 1000 fold growth in India.

It making the market more competitive and website owners are getting more and better hosting options in India.

If you are thinking to start a website and your target audience is India, you should choose a Indian web hosting company.

You can use cloud or simple shared hosting, you can find both type of hosting provider in India.

Obviously cloud is faster over shared hosting, but if both are from India and at a good data center, the different will be negligible.

Following are among the best Indian hosting provider you should consider:

DigitalOcean: It is one of the top global cloud hosting providers with multi location data center, it has data center in Bangalore, and which makes is an India based web hosting provider.

You can get a virtual server or a droplet at just $5, which is their starting price. If you sign up now you might get $60 for 2 months, it means 60 days of free cloud hosting services in India.

If you need speed and reliability at low cost, DigitalOcean (DO) must be the first consideration for you.

Net4: It is one of the oldest hosting providers which has datacenter in India. They earned good reputation over time and holding a lot of websites at their data center at Noida, India.

It got wider range of products for your website and business needs, like email, voip, domain registration etc. It could be the one stop solution for all the needs for your online success.

Net Craft India: It is one of the most desirable and prominent Indian hosting company. It has all its servers at cloud with SSD, which makes their service much faster in India.

If you are looking for cloud based shared hosting with reasonable low price range, Net Craft India is the one which is you are looking for. It got data center in Bangalore, which makes them one of the top contender for you and your website.

Linux Hosting

Web Hosting that is hosted on a Linux based web server is Linux Hosting. Linux servers include Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP-Perl-Python software. Most Linux Hosting provider uses Apache servers as it is open-source, multi-platform and widely used and tested. Apache works perfectly with MySQL, PHP, Perl and Python so it is preferred as best and reliable Linux Hosting Platform. PHP-Perl-Python are widely used programming languages to create/develop advance web applications. Almost all Linux web hosting solution supports PHP, Perl & Python, now days web hosts are including Ruby on Rails a new language which is getting popular.

There is no big difference between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting, users hardly notice the difference at a glance. If you are planning to use Visual Basic, Frontpage, ASP .Net then only you need to consider Windows Hosting Services.

If you are concerned about security, Linux web hosting is considered to be safer than Window based web hosting. For great reliability and better uptime users should use Linux web hosting services. Usually Linux server doesn?t need to be rebooting for long time, where as Windows needed to be rebooted after every update.

Price is a major concern between average customers, and Linux is cheaper than Windows. If you are looking for a cheap web hosting service you must go for Linux hosting, It is very much reliable as well as cost efficient.

Net Craft India offers Linux Hosting with many one click installed web scripts like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Image Gallery and Rvsitebuilder.

Joomla is world known and very popular CMS script. If you are planning to use Joomla based website you can easily install Joomla and get your site online within minutes. Drupal, WordPress, Mambo are few more CMS which you can use, there are many more you can check our Linust Hosting Features.

Rvsitebuilder is also a very popular and well known site builder. With Rvsitebuilder any one with simple knowledge and understandings can create their own website and get it online in minutes. There are around 657 designs you can choose for your site.

Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting is a server using the windows operating system as platform for the web server, but it?s nothing to do with the operating system a user uses. Web Developers uses Windows platform just to use Visual Basic, FrontPage, ASP .NET and MSSQL. These are the languages only used on a Windows Hosting enabled server. Where as you can use PHP, MySQL at windows server as well.

A developer uses Windows Hosting just to use ASP .NET as it?s the next generation dynamic web development architecture from Microsoft. It is better because of stability and less downtime as well.

It is preferred just because it is compatible with Microsoft applications & Software. It is less complicated than a other platform as these system based on Microsoft NT thus they provide reliable & easy server management.

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