Web Hosting: An Overview

Web hosting is now not limited to simple hosting services like simple shared hosting. Now day’s web hosts included complex hosting services like collocation, dedicated and virtual dedicated servers. Even service differ from host to host. Some are just selling web space on a single server, whatever you buy whether you go for reseller, collocation, dedicated or virtual dedicated hosting. There are few who are offering cloud computing, the most recent addition to web hosting business and widely getting popularity. Web hosts are creating partnerships and acquiring complementary products and services to bundle it in one package. Every host is trying to bundle more services to sustain in the ever-changing market of web hosting.
Know more about:
Basic Technology of Web Hosting
Tradition Web Hosting Types
Operational Requirements
Business use of Web Hosting Services

Know more about Web Hosting Types:
Shared hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Shared Web Hosting
The most popular web hosting service in today’s world. In this type of hosting there are a lot of sites are been hosted on the same server usually managed by someone company. Clients using these services have restricted access to their server. They just host a website and usually don’t use custom web applications. This type of hosting is well suitable for small websites. Even though it’s the most popular type of hosting it comes with some disadvantages, if one site is abusing the service resource like spamming, or other bad activities, all other clients will be highly affected. Thus most prefer to go for other hosting services like Virtual Dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server or Dedicated Hosting is another but the reliable type of hosting services, in which a customer leases a whole server, not a shared one. This is more reliable and flexible than any other hosting services, as a customer have full control, even can choose hardware, connection configuration, software and operating system. Usually, customers maintain such server at their end or take an add-on from the host to maintain and manage uptime. This service is been used by medium or big companies or customers, mostly having huge traffic on their websites.

Collocation Hosting
There are datacenters around the world offering co-location web hosting solutions in which you buy your own hardware and software and they just give you the infrastructure to host your server at their location, they are responsible for network uptime and power uptime, even some companies manage co-location servers with an extra fee. In co-location hosting the monthly cost is less and reliability, security is equal to Dedicated Hosting. Co-location has its own benefit but it does not use full for simple web pages, its better for critical online applications. It’s quite popular among big companies and big websites with online applications.

Virtual Dedicated
VDS (virtual dedicated server) is also a popular type of hosting, there are companies offering VDS over the dedicated server as it has been cheaper to them as well as for customers. The customer usually transfers their growing websites to VDS then to a dedicated server. VDS are virtual servers using same server resources but with the capability of a dedicated server. It’s better than shared hosting but lesser than dedicated hosting, customer prefers it for fast-growing websites.

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