Using Social Media for business promotions

Using Social Media for business promotions

Using Social Media for business promotions

Social media is a broad term used for bidirectional communication between people or groups of people with internet as a way of transmitting information. A vast amount of data, photos, videos, links, software, etc.. can be shared among communities of people almost instantly. Compared with other traditional modes of communication, media has much greater scope and reach. An internet user can share your personal information with your friends and acquaintances in no time. Moreover, he may have access to the latest status of your friends. But, in any form, interaction is limited to a group of people. A community can have millions of followers with stupendous amount of data being exchanged between them.

Social media has many modes of communication. Blogs, microblogs and social networks like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, myspace, etc.., Changed the network scenario completely. A blog can have the participation of a number of users who can discuss a particular topic or subject. Likewise, a microblog can help people reach each other in real time. Due to their small size of the content, can post a microblog which can be read by others in almost seconds. Twitter is an example where messages can be posted in the form of tweets, others may follow tweets.Orkut, which is widely used in India, provides options for sharing posts, videos, pictures and other personal data with others . One can also follow the latest updates from your friends, you can follow the Community who wish to share their ideas with.

An extremely important use of social media is the social marketing. Companies can promote their brands and people to know about the credibility of their products and services. They can not only win confidence of people, making them realize their authenticity, but also can get feedback to their service users. The industry can also advertise their vacancies through job portals, can hire the desired candidate as your qualification and experience. In turn, applicants have access to a large number of works at a time. Similarly, social media can play an important role in the transmission of education where a teacher can teach their students virtually. Students can post their assignments well finish them and get feedback almost immediately.

But no discussion of social media can be complete without taking into consideration the main issues involved in it. There is always a threat involved in sharing private data with others. Some sites, such as Twitter, allow sharing of personal content with third parties who, in turn, can use it illegally. This can have far-reaching consequences for a user whose personal information has been used without your knowledge. Again, employees and employers can reach each other and slander the image of each other for their own benefit. Last but not least, the many social networking sites carrying pornographic and illegal materials which may be unsuitable for viewers. Should make up efforts to make the network as secure as possible.

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