Understanding Different Web Hosting Types

Web Hosting Industry is a diverse industry, where you will find a lot of option for your hosting needs; all the options are designed to accommodate the needs of a broad range of clients and their web hosting needs. Because of competition in web hosting market, you will find many types of web hosting plans and the scenario make thing harder for website owners. You must choose the best suitable and reliable hosting service for your needs and must get the best hosting deals.
Deciding the most suitable web hosting type is always a difficult task, especially when you are not familiar with the different types of hosting. I am trying here to help you out with few hosting type description. I am going to elaborate on Shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

Personal Web Hosting (shared)

Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which a single web server is shared among many website owners with small traffic and simple websites. Because of shared environment, a web server is shared by many website owners it is cheapest hosting in the market with around 99.9% uptime guarantee. Shared hosting is perfect for personal, small website, low traffic blogs etc, which need fewer resources.

Most webmasters start their website with shared web hosting plans available anyway around 1-9.99$ per month. It depends on which plan is suitable for you. Shared web hosting is well suitable for someone who is looking for an inexpensive way of hosting their websites. With shared web hosting, you will reach to a large resource which is shared among small websites and is very useful and cheap hosting solutions for starters. A website with less income must be hosted at shared hosting to avoid the heavy hosting cost of dedicated or VPS servers.

Business Web Hosting (VPS)

VPS a virtual private server is the second most common and popular type of web hosting services. It is slightly more expensive than a shared hosting service and cheaper than the ultimately dedicated hosting. It is like shared hosting in some way as it is also a dedicated server shared among website owners but with more powerful and expandable. A VPS is just like a dedicated server as you will have root access and can decide which software you want at your server and you can tune your VPS for better performance regardless the other VPS on the same dedicated server. You can restart any service at your VPS as well.

Even there are many VPS hosting types available on the market, with a different plan and price structure. The price varies in between 19.95-200$ per month depends on how much resources you need for your website.

If you are looking for comprehensive and expandable hosting solution for your business website, then you may like to consider VPS web hosting. VPS hosting is extremely convenient for moderate traffic websites, looking for more than 99.9% uptime and more reliability. You can upgrade your VPS anytime as per your needs. It is the 2nd step between shared hosting to dedicated hosting. VPS comes with dedicated hosting environment with cheap price.

Enterprise Web Hosting (Dedicated)

Dedicated web hosting is the ultimate web hosting for enterprise level website needs, and known as most powerful types of web hosting. With a dedicated server you receive access to a private web server that is not used by any other webmasters it is dedicated to your hosting needs. It is a leased server which is basically hosted at a hi-tech datacenter for better performance.

Dedicated hosting is perfect for large websites with heavy traffic because it provides full server resources for your website and that means a lot of resources for a single website. You can host all of your websites on one dedicated server and get the benefits of a dedicated server for all of your websites. A dedicated server is more secure as it is only used by you the single owner of the server. A dedicated website can host up to 500 websites with moderate traffic, so you can imagine how much reliable it is. Usually, a well managed dedicated server gives around 99.99% uptime and fast website loading.

A dedicated server gives you complete control over the software and hardware configuration of your web server, it means you can choose to use any control panel, any server-side application and configure your own hardware for your server as you like it.

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