The Importance of Link Building

When you start doing link building for your web pages, it will actually help search engine crawlers to index it in their databases. This will also help you to make a SEO friendly website and will result in top rankings for targeted keywords in numero uno search engines. As a result, you will get lots of visitors to your site from these search engines.

According to the google theory, the most important pages on the Internet are the pages with the most links leading to them. So, building targeted backlinks help in maintaing higher page ranks. PageRank thinks of links as votes, where a page linking to another page is casting a vote. The more backlinks you get from other sites, the more your website’s Pagerank.

Another thing we have to consider when we think about the importance of link building is the quality, geneuiness and richness of the link targets. The most significant factor in determining the quality of the links is the Relevancy. When we say that a particular link is relevant to our site, we mean that that particular link belongs to a site which is content rich and genuine, and, belongs to the same theme of websites as ours. In simple words, we can say that it is related to our website, so the link coming from their site would be relevant to us. And it is this relevancy of links, which is given weightage to, by the search engines and by that your page rank will increase dramatically. For example, if you are getting link backs from some social bookmarking site, the relevancy of the content of your site must match the subject or category of the source website.

Your number of Links is the only way search engines can see how valuable your site is to other people. And the truth of the matter is, even if you have lots and lots of valuable content, if people don’t link to you, the search engines won’t acknowledge your site as valuable.

As a conclusion I would like to say, a perfect link building will send valuable traffic to your website and also tells the search engines your site is an authority. You should research a lot about how to build good backlinks before you start the process of link building.

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