Target Local Business with Reseller Hosting!

Are you a web hosting business owner and out of leads? Are you trying hard yet not getting enough sales leads? Then you must target Local business for hosting sales. It will be easier to get in contact with the local business and you will be amazed to find that there are a lot of business in your local area looking for a website, you might get a client for your hosting business and also get website designing order. For a hosting business owner with reseller hosting account, it is always hard to get their business to the masses, as the big hosts are there and with limited resources you cannot compete with them. So it will be a wise to get into your local area and personally visit different businesses. I am sure you will get at least five to six clients from your personal relationships and contacts. I am talking about the least, in most cases professionals can find up to 100 or more clients depending on their social network size.

You must know web design companies or ISP’s charges few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for simple websites, if you are open for website designing business also you will get lot more work as usual, business owners look for all in one service and if you give a little personalize service a few dollars less you will get hundreds of clients quite easily. For this, you can create a list of local business like

  • Restaurants
  • Cafe’s
  • Internet Cafe’s
  • Fitness Centers
  • Bars / Night Clubs
  • Small Hotels / Motels
  • Travel Agencies / Tour Operators
  • Photo Studios
  • Business / Companies

You must target as a priority for example hospitality and Tourism? industry must be on your priority, these businesses are those ones which need more public exposure and have a big budget for advertising and more likely to buy your hosting or website designing service.

Targeting local markets gives you an extra edge as most local business owners are not known to the internet and will not search for hosting services or website designing services on Google or other search engines. This internet illiteracy makes you work on behalf of them so you might be working on their website maintenance, email account creation, hosting management etc. It enables you to charge them a little more than usual and thus it makes your business more profitable. Even if your hosting clients are paying more than usual they are also getting extra service for you and always depend on your so you will not lose any business when they need to renew domain and hosting.

Targeting local business gets you a base to grow as I know most of you with a reseller hosting started the business not just to make a living but also looking forward or have the ambition to grow your business bigger. These local clients will get you a regular income so that in future you can concentrate on online marketing of your hosting business and with a strong financial backup you can lease a dedicated server and start selling VPS, Reseller Hosting Packages with more efficiently. Targeting local business can get you that extra edge and strength to your business to grow bigger. At last, I want to thank you for reading this and wish you best of luck with your hosting and website designing business.

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