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Web Hosting in India

Web Hosting in India Just because a web hosting provider have Indian name or a website with Indian language and looks or an office in India, doesn’t meant that it has a web server in India. Web Hosting in India is a general term used for any web hosting service which uses a Server which is physically located in […] Continue reading →

How small businesses can benefit from cheap hosting?

small business hosting Many web hosting providers offer hosting packages that are considerable flights to try to attract new customers and keep current ones. Provide lodging at cheaper prices, undoubtedly, is quite advantageous for individual and corporate clients. Receiving Web Hosting at a lower rate obviously increases the chances of people trying to get their websites designed and […] Continue reading →

What Web Hosting Uptime means to you?

When you start searching for a company to host your site, not the amount of space and bandwidth that is offered, a company will usually promote their web hosting uptime. Most web hosting companies offer an uptime guarantee to promote how well their service is. Web hosting uptime is a measure of the time a […] Continue reading →

Google shows their Server to the world

Google was never to show its inner workings. We have little access to the guts of the technology that runs in Mountain View. We can take a peek (like say the Bial) in scientific articles published by Googlers. Several of these articles give samples of primordial technology to Google. BigTable, MapReduce and PageRank (of course), […] Continue reading →

All about Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting Services Shared hosting is to host multiple websites on the same server. This solution is relatively inexpensive and allows customers to benefit from a good quality service for a reasonable price. Do you offer this type of option is a server with a configuration set and an offer of software (server, databases, email accounts, mailing list […] Continue reading →