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All about Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting Services Shared hosting is to host multiple websites on the same server. This solution is relatively inexpensive and allows customers to benefit from a good quality service for a reasonable price. Do you offer this type of option is a server with a configuration set and an offer of software (server, databases, email accounts, mailing list […] Continue reading →

Reseller Vs Shared Hosting

Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting is quite different yet have a lot of common hosting features and most web hosting companies sell both types of hosting service. You will need a host whenever you plan to have your website online. Shared web hosting is a hosting type you can buy for your web hosting needs. […] Continue reading →

Understanding Different Web Hosting Types

Web Hosting Industry is a diverse industry, where you will find a lot of option for your hosting needs; all the options are designed to accommodate the needs of a broad range of clients and their web hosting needs. Because of competition in web hosting market you will find many types of web hosting plans and the scenario make thing harder for website owners. You must choose the best suitable and reliable hosting service for your needs and must get the best hosting deals. Continue reading →

Web Hosting: An Overview

Web hosting is now not limited to simple hosting services like simple shared hosting. Now day’s web hosts included complex hosting services like collocation, dedicated and virtual dedicated servers. Even service differ from host to host. Some are just selling web space on a single server, whatever you buy whether you go for reseller, collocation, […] Continue reading →