Started a Web Hosting Company? Good! Now forget about money

i am rich bitchIn my job experience at several web hosting company, I have noticed over years that many of them started with wrong reason and end up in a disaster. People are starting hosting companies just having only one thing at mind is money and this most of the time comes as end of the company.

If you are trying to start you own company because you think that it is the best way to become rich, then let me tell you right away, this might be disappointing decision for you. When you start a business, you will have employees, investors, customers, infrastructure involved and among all these you as Entrepreneur – always have the least importance.

If you have started a web hosting company, you might have started with a reseller hosting account from some already well known company in the same field. Don’t? fall on the trap of thinking that you will get lots of client just if you give away real low price. But never forget the fact that if you want to be in the race you will have to get growth and growth means investment. You should always have competitive yet quite profitable price range. I have seen many new companies that start selling in really low price but at last they have to shut down as a business needs many things to maintain.

Have a Strategy – Don’t think about maximizing your own profits over time, make decisions that are good for the business, and very often, those decisions are inversely proportional to your own interest. There might be times when you will struggle to pay salary to your employee but even at that condition make new moves to benefit company not just to raise money. Stay strong on the path of success of your business.

I might be missing out some stories. You might be thinking about taking a job and get away and end your business, but it is the easy way taken and success never come by easy. Getting job might look good for your financial condition but always remember that you might be just few steps away from your success. So be focused on your goal and build a successful web hosting business.

At last few point you should note down. Always make decisions that will benefit your company. Don’t fall for short term benefits. Strategies your efforts and make records of things. Good company make of good people, so instead of valuing money concentrate making a good team. Money is also important so always think of making profit and never give away anything without profit.

Some time I feel like an entrepreneur but I am afraid of taking risk and I also feel that I lake of some few qualities so till date it’s not my cup of tea. Best of luck “Make a Successful Business!!”

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