SEO tips to get your site on the top ten

SEO Tips

SEO tips to get you site on the top ten

Getting top position at Google and other search engines starts with backlinking. Backlinks are very important for SEO and every SEO professional should spend most of their time for quality backlinks. Quality backlinks will change your website position, even all search engine changes their Algorithms but backlinks are always put on the top by each search engine, even if it is not the most important factor but it will be always there at all Algorithms so keep getting good backlinks for your website.

Title Tag
You should have title tag for each and every web pages of your website and should have unique title tags for each one. Title tags and header text are considered as keywords by most of the search engine and it is the most important factor for the search engine to decide where and for which keyword your site will be listed at their search result page.

Choose the right keyword
Choosing the keywords is always done at the very starting point of SEO of any website, it’s worthless if we choose such keyword that don’t have enough search potential and we work hard and got such keyword to the top position. Even that top position will not provide us desired result form SEO campaign. So we should choose such keyword where we can rank top and more importantly such get us enough exposure to our client that make our campaign a successful one.

Unique Content
As we all know, Google always says that it always tries to make the internet a good place for knowledge and an open book where you can find information about everything but always want that internet should not be a garbage bin where you can see duplicate content duplicate knowledge and information. Google or other search engines always prefer and give a better position to unique content so be sure that your website content is always unique.

Updating Content
Updating content is always given importance by each and every search engine mostly Google mark it very important. If you regularly update your website content crawlers come again and again to crawl your website to get updates indexed and it makes your website more important and gets it better rank at search result page. Regular updates make your page indexed faster and the search engine spiders visit your website more often.

Internal linking is also very important for SEO as we always want our web browsers to get to the page we want them to be in. A good and planned link structure will provide your website an extra edge over your competition. Linking is very important to increase internal links to your pages and get your new pages get indexed fast. This always encourages spiders to look deeper into your website for new content and more pages so it gets you good deep index.

Keyword Optimized Content
Let your keywords shine thorough relevant and unique website content. It is very important to have relevancy and good on-page optimization to get Google know what keyword it should be indexed and also important for SERP position. The best way to do such things could be to use tags to let search engine spiders know the word is important, you can also use tags as to not affect the reader’s experience, but still, let the search engine spiders know that certain text is of more importance.

Create a Sitemap
A sitemap is something that most search engines like to have as it makes their work easy and even crawlers wants to save their time as they have to crawl so many pages. A sitemap can be a self-created HTML page or can be generated XML sitemap. You should submit your sitemap to search engines so that they can access it easily.

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