Reseller Vs Shared Hosting

Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting is quite different yet have a lot of common hosting features and most web hosting companies sell both types of hosting service. You will need a host whenever you plan to have your website online. Shared web hosting is a hosting type you can buy for your web hosting needs. Reseller hosting also plans which you can buy to host your website but also sell hosting services to other website owners. Shared hosting and Reseller hosting is just in the single way different and that is allotted space, and the ability to host multiple websites.

With Shared hosting you will get web space to host your website, you might get multi-domain hosting but cannot resell as you don’t get the power to create hosting control panel for every website. In other had with Reseller hosting you will get enough space to host your website and also get enough space to resell to other website owners. In some way reseller hosting is more fruitful if you are looking forward to reselling hosting services to other or if you are a webmaster and have many websites under your management. You can make money with reseller hosting packages and believe me, there are people out there earning handsome amount every month with reseller hosting packages.

Even if reseller hosting is the one which can make you a lot of money, shared hosting is the one which is used by the majority of internet users who have either a personal web page or a small business and they find a shared hosting account sufficient for their web hosting needs. However large business or webmasters with multiple websites find reseller hosting packages more lucrative.

Here we are talking about Reseller vs Shared hosting, and I hope you can see why these are different and of interest of the different class of customers. Shared hosting for individuals or website owner with few websites whereas reseller hosting is for big firms or webmasters with more than 20 websites and now you know which one is for you.

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