What is web hosting?

For a website to be available around the clock seven days a week must be hosted on a server that is permanently connected to the Internet. It is possible, technically speaking, you can host your website yourself, provided you have an upward flow faster bandwidth. Because visitors to a website usually download information, this means […] Continue reading →

How to Rank Higher In Search Engines?

How to Rank Higher In Search Engines Every website owner’s dream is that their website would appear in the top search engine’s first page list. High rankings in search engines are very important for your online business or campaign. if you want to get noticed, you have to get on Google’s first page. Ninety percent of internet users extract their information from […] Continue reading →

The Importance of Link Building

When you start doing link building for your web pages, it will actually help search engine crawlers to index it in their databases. This will also help you to make a SEO friendly website and will result in top rankings for targeted keywords in numero uno search engines. As a result, you will get lots […] Continue reading →

How to Build Good Back Links

If you are here, I am sure that you got a website and want to build good back links for it and I assume that you also know the importance of link building in getting higher rank in search engines. If you want to start from the beginning you may want to go thought a […] Continue reading →

Why choose cPanel Reseller Hosting?

Why choose cPanel Reseller Hosting If you are planning to buy hosting space with a plan to resell it, you should do a little research at the software available to manage that hosting space. You should know what the web is hosting control panel the web host uses at their web server. You should read the documents and manuals which […] Continue reading →

Net Craft India Hosting Services Review

Net Craft India It has been just 3 years for Net Craft India but with the little timeframe the Hosting Provider Company has brought out the best shared, reseller hosting, VPS at a very affordable price tag. The reason behind their business success is the best technicians with an incredible amount of experience in hosting world-class websites. They […] Continue reading →

Global Cyber Attack Reveled by McAfee

McAfee reveled a new branch at the area of global cyber attack “Shady Rat”, a hacking operation that targeted 72 top worldwide entities. Such victims included various U.S. defense contractors, government agencies, top companies, the United Nations, and plenty more. This operation occurred over last five years and mostly has U.S. targets, even thought there […] Continue reading →

Tips of Choosing best Web Hosting

Today there are a lot of hosting options are available in the market and it enables you to choose a particular web hosting service that suits that are been offered by the hosting companies. There are many datacenters in India offers various kind of web hosting services such as dedicated web hosting, shared hosting and […] Continue reading →