Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting

What is Linux Web Hosting?

Linux web hosting is one of the most used hosting services because it is reliable, affordable and secure web hosting services. It is the combination of Linux Os, Apaches, MySQL, and PHP. Linux Hosting is most suitable for webmasters who are using open sources like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl programming, MySQL databases at their website and web-based application. Linux based web hosting is been used and tested by many leading companies and they found it most reliable and cost-efficient web hosting service among all other web hosting platforms. Most of the big fishes of website business namely Google, Facebook, and Yahoo etc are using Linux servers. Linux web hosting is one of the most trusted web hosting platforms in the world. Apache Linux servers are used by around 54% of all websites, this just shows how much reliable its. I have enough explained why Linux based web hosting is popular and suitable most of the websites, but you must know technicalities of a Linux based web server.

Which script will be used on a website always determine the operating system on which your website will run. So if you are going to use MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails on your website or web-based application you must opt for Linux Hosting. Linux has been chosen because it comes with lots of open sources ready to use websites like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc. All these scripts are widely used and easily configurable so Linux has an edge on windows servers. Other major concern is the Administrative control panel, this is a top priority for every webmaster as this function will allow a webmaster to effectively manage his website and other configuration. Most web hosting providers are using cPanel as it has proved its reliability, compatibility and affordable price, and not the least most of the webmasters are used to with cPanel, even for a newbie it is easy to use and one can learn how to use cPanel quite quickly with inbuilt video helps. But before buying Linux web hosting you must query about Admin control panel, Email accounts and aliases, FTP, Backup features, Statistics, Bandwidth, Support for MySQL and PHP etc. Linux web hosting is best but your Web Hosting Provider plays a very important role at services, so be careful and look around for web hosting review about their Linux Hosting Services.

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