Key Features of Reseller Hosting!!

Reseller hosting is the most amazing online money making business, there are a lot of webmasters earning handsome sum with reseller hosting packages and there are many want to be one of these smart guys. Even though it is not easy to get your web hosting business up and running without a good reseller hosting package from the best host out there and most important the package must be with key features to get success online in hosting reseller business. With my experience with my own hosting company, I am going to list some of the key features of reseller hosting packages, you must look for when you decide to buy reseller hosting for your online hosting business.

Fee Domain Name & Domain Reseller account

A fee domain name for your hosting business website will cut the cost of launching your reseller hosting business. If the host provides a free domain for the lifetime it will help you at the starting point of your business and this is the time when you need free stuff. Don’t be happy with a free domain only look out for a web host providing domain reseller account as you need to sell domains or offer free domain to your hosting customers. If you look around you will find most web hosts are offering free domains with their hosting packages to attract customers who are looking for such free stuff. But investigate the domain reseller account must be compatible with WHMCS and must offer domains with a good discount.

Free WHMCS or other billing software

This is more important than a domain reseller or free domain, you must buy reseller plan which includes free WHMCS or other billing software. WHMCS is the most preferred web hosting billing software, even there are much more like WHMAutoPilot, ClientExec, ModernBill, HostBill etc. This is an important feature as you need this software for hosting automation and domain registration automation and with this software, you can provide domain controls to your clients. I recommend WHMCS as this is the most used and most powerful billing and automation tool for hosting and web designing business.

White-Label WHM and Private nameserver

White-Label WHM and Private nameservers give you hosting business more professional look and feel, it is also one of the most needed features of a reseller hosting account. A good web host providing reseller hosting must stay hidden in the background, making things easy for you and let you be a fully fledged hosting company. You customer should get to know the real hosting behind the business as you must be looking forward to being a hosting company in near future and believe me most big hosting companies are started with a small investment, hosting business have the potential to grow big.

Must be cheap yet reliable with 99.9% uptime guarantee

Reseller hosting packages with above-mentioned feature must be around $25-$30, some good hosting companies are charging a little more and their plans start around $40, it is always better to go with a better and reliable host to avoid un-wanted server problems. A bad server is always a no-no in web hosting reseller business. Be a little aware and Google reviews about the host you are buying reseller hosting.

I hope this article will help you build your own hosting business and grow into a big hosting company.

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