Is web hosting necessary?

There is a lot of website offering a free solution to have your own place on the world of internet, now more than ever it is necessary for you to have your own self-hosted website with your own business domain name. Whatever you want a website for your business or for fun, a website blog, forum or discussion board – there are plenty of offers online where you can set up and run all these for free. Do you think why it is free? Is it appropriate to have your site with free services? Let me explain why you should use own hosting or paid hosting services.
1. Less control over content
If you put your website on, you always want to be able to do what you want to do with your website. But using a free service made you liable to follow their terms and conditions and some put ads on your website. Even if you got your business site online there is no guarantee that this service will last for next 12 month or not. Even if its a big company like Yahoo, can shut down their services any time as they did with geocities. A free web service can take your site hostage any time.
2. Your website address is not unique
One of the biggest benefits of paid or own web hosting service is you will use your own domain name, whereas when you use free service almost every time you get a sub-domain. It means you are not unique in that domain and you never will get business emails there.
3. Less Credibility
A free website on some sub-domain doesn’t give you enough credibility a business owner needs. If you buy your own domain and hosting service it will give you a unique place on internet and more credibility. Even Google doesn’t give less importance to free hosted sites.

Why use a free web service when you own a business and your data online is important. If a free service goes down you may lose your data and valuable customers as well. Even there are a lot of services so cost efficient that you can easily afford any of them.

You can try a very cheap web hosting service provider that is Net Craft India.

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