Host your images to image hosting website and save your bandwidth, save money with web hosting!!

Choosing a web host for storing your files depends on what files you really want to store, it may be images, videos, game etc. Even if you want to use these files in your website you can host it other free image, videos hosting sites to save your bandwidth and your hard earned money. Newbie webmaster always goes with the first option that is own web space that is allocated for their paid hosting package. This is the simplest and easiest way to store files online. By this way you are storing your files directly in your website’s allocated web space itself on your web host’s server. The drawback to this method is if other hotlink your files directly your bandwidth will be eaten up pretty quickly. Even if your files are not been used by others it is using your allocated data transfer quota. All web hosts given limited bandwidth with hosting plan and if you use your space and bandwidth extensively your allocated space and bandwidth both will run out. At last you may need to pay extra for more space and bandwidth. The other option is used by intelligent webmasters, which is to host it on remote website such as Flicker, Imageshack for image hosting, and YouTube for video hosting. There are many more image hosting site or directories out there you need to Google it to find more options. Even these sites have bandwidth cap, with high resolution images and big videos you may you may use up all bandwidth allocated. But it is always better to use these free services than pay for more bandwidth. Flicker is the best image hosting option as it is the biggest and have very little downtime and would be the best alternative to your own hosting space. So host your images to image hosting website and save your bandwidth and money. I think you got the answer of How to save web hosting cost? Or How to get your web hosting cost less?

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