How to Build Good Back Links

If you are here, I am sure that you got a website and want to build good back links for it and I assume that you also know the importance of link building in getting higher rank in search engines. If you want to start from the beginning you may want to go thought a recent article about how to rank higher in search engines.

Inbound links are the main ingredient of website SEO and successful inbound marketing. Good links always help to increase traffic, improve SEO score and if you succeed to get your link included in an article by any major news source- will be vital for the success of your SEO campaign. It is accepted worldwide that quality back links are crucial for SEO success and get your website higher in search engines like Google. But yet we need to know what really a good back link is.

Unlikely to on-page optimization, where you have total control over the content and links of your website, you have little control over back links, so it become more important to do it carefully and strategically. You may talk to the webmaster of other website and ask them to give you a link back, but these relationships should be mutual beneficial and the links should be placed in natural way, so it should look like a natural back link. Inbounds links are currency of the internet and you should collect as much you can. The more natural the link the more higher value of the currency.

Just building links is not enough as all links are not treated equally, instead search engines like Google have a mechanism to define value of a back link. If you get a link from primary quality content like “Grand mama’s dogs blog” will be valued less from a back link from CNN or BBC.

A link that uses good keyword at anchor texts will value more, for example a website with content relevant to website hosting, got a link from anchor text “dog food” is no use as search engines will find it irrelevant back link. (The anchor text, link label or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. For example, you can link to another site by either writing the URL, or using anchor text, like or India News.

No follow back links will not give you any benefit yet its good to have a link at a relevant content website which is visible to a human. After all what matters for us the human as we always work to get human traffic to our website. (A no follow is a link with attribute rel=”nofollow”)

If you are looking for good back links you should consider directory listing as well. A link from directory like DMOZ and Yahoo Directory will give your website a PR boost, as search engines recognize these website as a source of quality website links.

Take participate in Forum and Article directories, links from such website always good to have. At last but not the least News announcement and Press Releases are also good way to get recognition by search engines as well as for branding or your website.

Each back links is counting currency for your website but you should avoid few link building practices. There are offers where you have to link back for each link you get for you website. The principle is simple – you put a link to a site, they put a back link to your site.

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