Get Your Site Indexed Fast

Get Your Site Indexed Fast

Get Your Site Indexed Fast!!

Getting your new website fast into Google is a trick. It is always a challenge for an SEO to get a brand new site to Google, but as nothing is impossible it is also very much possible to get your site Indexed By Google in one day. There are many people thinks that if they submit their site to Google webmasters central they will get their website indexed by Google, but that not true. By this way, it may take 1 Week to several months to get your site indexed. There is no such thing as site submission, but a trick can make it possible, and that link to another popular site.

I am going to let you know in detail how to do it and how an SEO tool can work it for you.

This trick all about knowing how Google works? How is Google able to find website & how Google get that site into there search index?

Google finds links from the website which Google bot or Google Robot scrawl frequently, like Alexa, domain tools, statbrain, whois, about us, compete, thegetpr, CubeStats etc. These sites are important to get your site index just because these sites give you link back easily. These sites are a database which Google used to crawl every day and get new sites there.

You can get links at all these sites by using a web tool linked following

Just enter your website domain name in the box, click on Get-index-site-links, by clicking on the button you will generate a list of links below. You just have to click on the links listed below and visit each and every link and you know what you did it.

All done now, to verify just check after 24-48 Hrs from submission, you will find your site indexed by Google.

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