Finding the best web hosting service among all Web Hosting Geeks

Finding the best web hosting service for your website is one of the very complicated and important tasks for a webmaster. It is as important as your website related other works like SEO, Website link structure etc. It is complicated because there are thousands of web hosting geeks around, who are offering their hosting services and all calming that “We are the Best Web Hosting Service Provider”. This crowd of thousands web hosting service provider make your decision complicated and can get you guessing and wondering around.
But you can choose and select the best suitable for you easily if you follow few steps and if you access your requirements.  First of all you need to access your needs. Most of the web hosting provider is good but the best is the one who is providing and serving all your needs within your budget. Just by accessing your web hosting needs you can get to the best web hosting service among all web hosting geeks.First, you need to decide which operating system/platform you need for your website. If you are looking forward to having a simple website with few pages you can go for both types of hosting Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting. For such a small website you must not worry a lot just be sure that the web host you are choosing is reliable and comes with 99.9% guaranteed uptime. But if you are looking for an interactive website and using languages like.PHP, Ruby on Rails, My SQL etc you can look for Linux Hosting, but if you are using Ms. FrontPage, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Ms. Access you must look forward to finding the best windows hosting provider.
When you did with the operating platform for your site then look for or access your other needs like Amount of web space you will need for your website, Bandwidth/Data Transfer, FTP access, Control panel, multiple email accounts, user-friendly website stats, E-commerce, Website Builder, Database and file manager.
You must know how much web space needed for your site? How much data transfer your website will need every month? How many FTP users you are looking for? What will be your control panel? Or which control panel you prefer to use? How many email accounts you will need? Are you getting preinstalled stats counters? Or which stats counter you are going to use to track traffic to your website?
Now you are done with your needs but the last one missing that is your budget!
If you are looking for a simple family website for fun, or something else just for the fund you must go to low-cost web hosting provider, even be sure of uptime guaranty. On the other hand if you are looking for a web hosting more professional, important for your business, or want to reach your customer and looking for an online web business, you must go for reliable web host, must not go for shared hosting, can start with a Virtual Dedicated Package or directly go for Dedicated Servers. It may cost you quite a lot more than shared but it will emphasize your website performance & security as well. Even you can start with shared hosting as low as $20-$50 for one year. But be sure you will get good speed, enough bandwidth and must support other needs for your website.
Now you are done with your needs so you can go and search for the best web hosting service for you among the thousands web hosting geeks. But few more point you must look before buying web hosting services.
Reliability and Speed
The best hosting service provider offers uptime guaranty. Look for clients review around the web by googling the service provider, you will get to know if the provider is reliable or not. The following is also important to access the reliability of a web host.
Technical Support
Scripts and Special Features (Free Stuffs)
Site builders
Daily site backups
Firewall protection

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