Disadvantages of Linux Hosting!!

Linux Hosting

Disadvantages of Linux Hosting!!

The biggest disadvantage of Linux Hosting is its inability to support applications created by using windows component such as ASP server side scripts. This issue causes a website total dysfunction on Linux server. If you have a website using ASP running on Windows and you are looking to transfer your website to a new host and try to transfer it to a Linux server it will stop working as Linux really don’t support ASP. If you are using PHP and transfer your website to windows it will not stop working.

Another disadvantage is using a Linux based web server. It is not easy to manage a Linux based dedicated server. Managing a website at Linux server is often confusing for amateur webmasters. Users of dedicated Linux server have to go through extensive documents to train themselves to know Linux server better to gain the capability to use it. But there is good news as well, Linux is making it easier to be used with administrative consoles with less knowledge about the Linux operating server. After launch of WHM and cPanel it is easier to control Linux Hosting. Even it’s easier for beginner now. So if you are thinking of buying Linux website hosting, you can go for it without any hesitation.

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