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Linux Web Hosting

Linux hosting is basically associated with any server hosting which is using Linux Operating System. It is free so cheap and very secure as well. Most used web hosting platform.

All about Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting Services Shared hosting is to host multiple websites on the same server. This solution is relatively inexpensive and allows customers to benefit from a good quality service for a reasonable price. Do you offer this type of option is a server with a configuration set and an offer of software (server, databases, email accounts, mailing list […] Continue reading →

Disadvantages of Linux Hosting!!

Linux Hosting The biggest disadvantage of Linux Hosting is its inability to support applications created by using windows component such as ASP server side scripts. This issue causes a website total dysfunction on Linux server. If you have a website using ASP running on Windows and you are looking to transfer your website to a new host […] Continue reading →