Question you must ask before buying web hosting services!!

As there are a lot of web hosting options available in the market, it is getting difficult and confusing to choose the perfect web host for your web hosting needs. It is important even if you are going to start a website for your kid’s football team or for your corporate business, as a bad web hosting company can ruin your kids and company’s reputation if a user doesn’t see your site online or wrecked. Here are few questions you must ask your web host before buying hosting service from them.
How they provide support and how much reliable they are providing support?
A good web host provides quick and fast support. Go around and find out if someone commented on their support reply time. Read on and even you can ask them also. A good web host reply time must be less than an hour. If you are going to buy a dedicated server, the hardware replacement guaranty time must be less than 12 hrs.
Ask them about what service they will provide? Read their Terms and Conditions carefully.
Look for what they are offering with their web hosting packages. Nowadays hosts promise to provide lots of pre-installed scripts that can be very useful for your website. Look for their control panel, which controls panel they are giving you for controlling your website. Control panel always plays an important role, so ask which one you will get.
How much web space and data transfer they are giving?
It is one of the most important things you must look for. You must get enough space to host your website and enough data transfer per month to run your website smoothly. If your data transfer or web space is less you may be in trouble if you used up all the space your web host provides, you may need to upgrade your website. But remember there is no such thing as unlimited web hosting or such as like 200 GB space and 1 TB of data transfer. A website like Google needs so much of space. You must go for reliable and good uptime guaranty.
How many customers do they allow on one server?
If you are going to buy shared hosting you must ask the host, about how many sites they allow on one server. Good web hosts never overstuff their server as overstuffing can cause more problem and problems lead to a server crash and low up time. Go with the company who meets your needs and has less amount of websites hosted on each server.
Ask about their backup policy?
Good web hosts always take backups daily basis as a server can go down anytime, so be ready for the disaster. Ask them about their backup frequency. Even if your host takes regular backups you must take backups of your website, databases regularly. At last, the data is more important for you.

There must be more questions you must ask your web host, it all depends upon your specific needs.

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