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Disadvantages of Linux Hosting!!

Linux Hosting The biggest disadvantage of Linux Hosting is its inability to support applications created by using windows component such as ASP server side scripts. This issue causes a website total dysfunction on Linux server. If you have a website using ASP running on Windows and you are looking to transfer your website to a new host […] Continue reading →

Windows Vs Linux Website Hosting!!

Windows versus Linux Website Hosting When you search for website hosting service for your website, first thing you consider the hosting type. If you are going to develop your website with PHP, Ruby on Rails and My SQL you will search for Linux, and if your website is using ASP.NET, MS SQL, MS Access you will search for Windows. But […] Continue reading →

Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting Linux web hosting is one of the most used hosting services because it is reliable, affordable and secure web hosting services. It is the combination of Linux Os, Apaches, MySQL, and PHP. Linux Hosting is most suitable for webmasters who are using open sources like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl programming, MySQL databases at their […] Continue reading →

Get Your Site Indexed Fast

Get Your Site Indexed Fast Getting your new website fast into Google is a trick. It is always a challenge for an SEO to get a brand new site to Google, but as nothing is impossible it is also very much possible to get your site Indexed By Google in one day. There are many people thinks that if they […] Continue reading →

Pricing for website design works!!

Pricing for website design works Pricing is a very important factor for every company, low cost with world-class services always attract customers. It is always better to have different payment options to choose from, it always attracts clients as well its quite money saver for your clients too. In today’s industry of website designing business, there are mainly three methods […] Continue reading →