All about Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting Services

All about Shared Hosting Services!!

Shared hosting is to host multiple websites on the same server. This solution is relatively inexpensive and allows customers to benefit from a good quality service for a reasonable price.

Do you offer this type of option is a server with a configuration set and an offer of software (server, databases, email accounts, mailing list server, etc.) as well as a specific amount of storage space.

In this type of solution the customer has no direct access to the server as an administrator. The server is configured through web interfaces. Therefore, it is important to check what configuration parameters can be set (configuration domain name server, web server, database management system, data, etc.).

Are you planning for shred hosting?

To choose a shared host, the client must determine your needs. The following is a non exhaustive list of options that often offer shared hosting hosts:

Disk space allocated
Authorized bandwidth: check for overload in case of exceeding authorized traffic.
Server Type: check the settings (access ht).
Languages supported by the server
Domain Names: Check
The ability to configure virtual domains.
The number of domain names.
The number of subdomains.
Access via SSH
Update file via FTP
Email Server: Check
The existence of email.
How many email accounts are allowed.
How many email aliases for authorizing.
If you can open emails with a pseudonym.
If possible forward emails to an external address.
If you have antivirus and antispam software.
If you have a mailing list provided by the administrator.
If offered autoresponder service.
Management Server database: Check Type
Maximum number of databases.
If the database is administered through the web interface.

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